Do You Want The Good News First? by Thomas L. Friedman

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Do You Want The Good News First? by Thomas L. Friedman

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Do You Want The Good News First? By Thomas L. Friedman
The author is a columnist for the New York Times magazine for the segment of foreign affairs. He is a three-time winner of Pulitzer Prize for his captivating commentaries. He has authored many books, and he is a holder of a master degree in modern Middle East studies from the Oxford University. The world is flat is one of his non-fiction contribution in books writings of which has won an award. In his May 2012 column, he argued that investing for the future through inventions and other technological advancements is vital. He argued that governments should continue to value the funding of research, higher education, and the effects of immigration that leads to the production of persons with high Intelligence quotient and hence their impacts on innovation and development as seen in Silicon Valley and Seattle. The columnist is successful in convincing for he provides real-life examples like Facebook and Twitter, companies that have grown out of innovation and Microsoft will many posts unfilled and requires turning to foreign countries to meet their manpower demand.
The one making the argument is the author of various books and a frequent columnist for the magazine of New York Times. He has a master in modern Middle East studies degree from a recognized university in the world. We trust him for the academic qualification and the distinguished performance as shown …

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