Do You Know Your Student Rights?

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Do You Know Your Student Rights?

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Do You Know Your Student Rights?
Did you know that college students have a lot more freedom as compared to their high school counterparts? It is not just the exposure to better parties and free foodstuff. Although you have the same rights as in high school when it comes to discrimination, you are more protected in college for what you say, do in private, and who has the power to arrest you.
To honor Human Rights Day, here are some of the less-known protections for college students that are legally valid. Your realization of these protections may just inspire you to go out and enjoy the new found freedom that you are entitled to.
The information that is provided in print by a college and is stated to be true by the same college has to be true. In a case involving André v. Pace University (1996) and a female complainant, a court ruled in favor of the complainant that she did not receive the level of instruction as per the advertisement in the university catalog.
This right to college integrity is not only limited to publications. Any worker of the college who has the power to make verbal contracts such as the dean and the vice chancellor are required to follow this law. In the case of Healy vs. Larsson (1974), the complainant was awarded with a degree based on the courses which were laid out verbally by the academic supervisor although they did not meet the requirements of the degree in…

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