Do Threats in Mexico Violate U.S. Labor Laws revised

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Do Threats in Mexico Violate U.S. Labor Laws revised

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How Mexican Threats Violate U.S. Labor Laws
Threats in Mexico does not violate US labor laws in some ways. Taking the case of what happens in the labor markets, one can conclude that the warnings only mean well for the Mexican laborers in the US (Brownell, 2017, p. 1). The threats by Mexico and workers only work to safeguard their interests and rights as workers.
For several Years the SPT truck drivers were allowed to sell whatever diesel fuel was left over from their runs. This typically amounted to between $50 and $100 per week, and the drivers viewed this as meal money. Drivers’ primary concern was the safety of their trucks; this sharp cut in their compensation magnified their frustrations, and they collectively went to talk with Silva about these issues (Farrell, Pfeffer, Dank & Owens, 2018, p. 233). Upon refusal to take heed, the Arizona driver later confronted the union over the concern.
In fact, when some employees asked for meal money, they were told that if they wanted something to eat, they should watch their fuel consumption and sell the extra to buy something to eat. Upon the entry of another operation manager by the name of Oscar Silva, the malpractice of truck drivers selling fuel is in excess was put to an end. In that regard, the union got authorization cards all from between sixteen to nineteen. The Arizona drivers as such filed a petition for election representation with the NLRB.
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