DNA Replication

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DNA Replication

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DNA Replication
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the genetic material that stores information concerning the structure, development, function, and reproduction of a cell. DNA replication, on the other hand, is the genetic process that generates two identical DNA models from the initial module. Notably, the DNA must replicate itself completely to form newborns with identical genetic materials. As points out Alberts (431), the DNA consists of a double helix made up of two corresponding strands which separate during the reproduction process. The cell poses a vital property of division that makes the replication of DNA a success. The replication process involves the double strands of DNA being unwounded into two separate strands. The first step of DNA replication is to unwind the double helix structure.
Every strand represents the DNA fragment and serves as the pattern of production. The specific location of replication originates in the genome where an enzyme known as helicase breaks the DNA hydrogen bonds that hold the DNA complementary basis together to form replication forks. Several enzymes and proteins of the DNA work together in preparation of the strand duplication (Bianchi et al. 272). Afterward, a DNA enzyme known as polymerase organizes the assembly of the new strands. Noteworthy, the DNA polymerase assembles the newly formed strands by toting extra nucleotides to harmonize each strand. The DNA reproduction process takes place du…

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