DKA and DM

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DKA and DM

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DKA and Diabetes Mellitus

DKA and Diabetes Mellitus
The sharp abdominal pains are always associated with the hyperglycemia. Although comprehensive research has not evaluated on the link between the two, the pain associated with DKA is usually due to the abnormally high blood sugar in the blood. The vomiting, on the other hand, is caused by the depleted sodium and potassium salts which causes nausea hence constant vomiting. The high blood sugar is due to the lack of insulin which makes it the hallmark of DKA. It leads to other problems such as hyperventilation where there is rapid breathing, and the body takes in more oxygen than required (De Beer et al., 2008). Complications such as acute kidney failure are caused by dehydration which is a common occurrence in DKA. The rapid breathing can further result in respiratory distress as more oxygen is taken in than what is required. The constant vomiting also leads to low potassium level a complication which results in constant fatigue, paralysis or abnormal heartbeats.
On diabetes mellitus, if the cells are not getting enough glucose, they turn to fats where they burn the fat, and as a result, ketones are produced. Additionally, due to the excessive working of the kidneys, there will always be constant passing of urine (Gosmanov & Gosmanova, & Dillard-Cannon 2014). It is further accompanied by general body fatigue and weight loss as there are reduced appetite and high burning of fats to produce t…

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