Dissociative Disorder

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Dissociative Disorder

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Dissociative Disorders
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Dissociative Disorders
Dissociative disorders involve mental disturbances that include the individual experiencing discontinuity or disconnection between memories, action, identity, thoughts, and surrounding. There are several types of dissociative disorder namely dissociative amnesia, dissociative identity disorder, and depersonalization-derealization disorder.
Symptom Differences
Dissociative Identity Disorder
A person with dissociative identity disorder has two or more distinct personality states or identity, which include changes in behavior, thinking, and memory. For example, two or more people living within the person, having different voices, names, characteristic, gender, and even behavior, who are trying to take control of his or her head (“Dissociative disorders,” 2017). Also, the person may experience ongoing memory gaps concerning personal information, daily events, or past traumatic happenings.
Depersonalization-derealization disorder.
A person with depersonalization-derealization disorder most of the time feels detachments from his body, mind, and self. The person may feel as though he or she is outside his or her body and is watching events happen to him or her like in a movie. Sometimes he or she may also experience detachment from the surroundings and familiar people such as his home or close relative. Also, he or she may feel that people and things around him or her are n…

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