Discussion: Unfair Experience

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Discussion: Unfair Experience

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Unfair Experience Discussion
Bright Road hospital Lawsuit Case
Informed consent in health care is a procedure through which a clinician obtains permission to conduct a given treatment having communicated effectively about probable risks, benefits and alternative treatment to the patient (Faden et al., 2014). Last summer, I read an article that covered a lawsuit case against Bright Road hospital involving a case of negligence and overrules on a patient’s consent. The patient, Mr. Davis, narrates of her encounter with the hospital cardiologist and later with the hospital’s radiologist. Mr. Davis underwent a Cardiac catheterization procedure to rectify a problem in one of his arteries. In performing the cardiac catheterization, the physician, Mr. Frederick, performed an additional procedure without seeking consent from Davis.
The hospital’s radiologist, Dr. Julie, conducted a CT scan on Davis which revealed a 30-35% blockage in one of her arteries. In her judgment, Dr. Julie concluded that the blockage is not startling hence advised her to take alternative measures such as improved diet, more exercise, and maybe implanting a staton rather than going for a Cardiac catheterization with stents. Upon returning the CT scan results to the Cardiologist, Mr. Davis clarified to him that she did not require stents implanted since she had read an article on the effects of stents. Further, Mr. Davis narrates of how the Physician was egoistic in his knowledge henc…

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