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Discussion Response
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I concur with the fellow concerning the online studies and the impacts it has on the students (Armstrong, 2013). This is mainly effective for the married adults who want to continue with their studies. These studies have been made effective due to the presence of the faster way of communication that is also done online such as the use of emails. And also the use of emails has helped the students to back up their notes and other study materials. When it comes to communicating with the professors and the lecturers, the online method becomes effective since every bit of communication is done using the online technologies such as through social media, video conferencing and many more. The e-learning is also important since it reduces the traveling costs to students especially if the student comes from abroad. And even the fact that the learner can perform his/her official duties and later get time to conduct his/her studies is a great benefit of the online studies (Udas, 2012).
However, the online studies have several drawbacks. For instance, the level of concentration on the school work is very low due to constant distractions that the learners experience from the family members whenever they study (Nazarlou, 2013). When it comes to time management, the learner cannot have appropriate fixed time for studies. At a given point, the student might be committed to other duties thereby making him/her forgo studies tackle these dut…

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