Discussion question yellow journalism and terrorist

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Discussion question yellow journalism and terrorist

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Discussion Question-Yellow Journalism and Terrorist
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Constitutional Protection of the Press Freedom, Yellow Journalism, and the Terrorist Effects
According to Freedom House (2015), the U.S holds a vast press landscape and legal protection that is strong on the expression freedoms of the press. Some developments have placed the journalists under pressure in the recent past, and the most severe challenge has been from the tensions between the freedom of the press and the United States national security and the methods to mage terrorism efforts (Freedom House, 2016). There has been surveillance on the journalists, and the state is coercing the reporters to reveal the origin of information that leaks protect yellow media or the “fake news.” The U.S has a robust legal system that protects the media independence with Constitutional amendments provides the freedoms and of speech to the press. The fundamental rights of the media as spelt out in the constitution have always been under pressure, and the independent court systems have been offering to rule meant to protect and expand the rights enjoyed by journalists to be free from the government control (Freedom House, 2016).
The state of the yellow media journalism is not a modern phenomenon. Terrorists are not also new. The U.S has experienced mass terrorism in the past that prompted the country to start a possible discussion on terrorism shaped by the media (Epkins, 2011). …

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