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Discussion Board and worksheet

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Discussion Board and Worksheet
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Question 1
The experiment lacks internal validity due to the following threats; there is repeated testing, confounding, and experimenter bias. In studying the malleability of people’s recollections, Mary erred in during the experiment by ‘testing the results’ (Watkins, 2015). Through the acts of subjecting members of the experimental group to watching one tape twice while asking the same question in a different style, did amount to repeated testing. On the issue of confounding, the questions asked were the dependent variables that ought not to have undergone any changes. By restricting the query, the test subjects may give different answers as there is a likelihood of getting confused. Also, experimental bias did occur (Watkins, 2015). The experimenter behaved differently at different times by changing the questions asked. The experimenter may not be aware of the consequences, but it does affect the integrity of the results and conclusions made from the results. Given all the outlined flaws, the experiment lacks internal validity.
Question 2
In this experiment, history is the outstanding threat to internal validity of the study (Watkins, 2015). Events outside of the test tend to affect the behavior of the drivers; also the responses gathered as a consequence of the conditioned acts in line with historical dictates. There may exist factors outside the independent variable that …

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