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Discussion 2

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Astronomy Discussion
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Question 1
The fuel for controlled nuclear fusion, which has not been achieved on Earth, is hydrogen; the fuel for nuclear fission (which we currently utilize in power production) is uranium. Why would it be preferable to use nuclear fusion over nuclear fission?There is rapid depletion of fossil fuels in today’s world. Nuclear energy, therefore, needs to be produced in a conservative manner while considering future generations. Nuclear fission involves division of a substantial atom into two or more portions while nuclear fusion consists of a bombardment of hydrogen atoms to form helium (Breithaupt, 2001). Nuclear fusion has long-term benefits compared to nuclear fission. Production of energy using nuclear fusion requires isotopes of hydrogen atoms. These isotopes are readily available as they are present in water. Uranium, on the other hand, is extracted from mines and has to go through a purification process before it is used. This source of energy is nonrenewable therefore, will become extinct one day unlike hydrogen, which cannot. Energy production levels by fusion are higher than fission. Fusion of a certain mass of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, creates four times higher the energy produced by fission using an equivalent quantity of uranium (Wiberg, 2001). Fusion produces low levels of radiation, and they decay within some decades. Fission’s radioactive waste is still highly active after centuries…

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