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Discuss the Persuaders

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The Cultivation
Brand advertising is a form of advertising that uses a specific symbol, celebrity or identity that can be used to create awareness and credibility of a company and foster healthy, long-term relations with the customers over time (Mialki et al.). Post-modern brands do not establish their own brand but that of the media. With the new corporate strategy of targeting future consumers or the ‘babies’, most firms use media brands that the targeted customers ‘babies’ can associate with such as Disney characters, e.g. Donald Duck. This approach is connected to different cognitive researches which indicate that through feeding products and images early in fresh neurons of a toddler, these young ones tend to be inclined to the products that they were previously acquainted with in their early stages. Therefore, these companies are not only developing their brand but actually cultivating it (Rushkoff et al.).
The Story
Nowadays advertisements are drawn towards telling stories through mainly television commercials. These stories are designed to capture our attention and impress us at the same time so as to ensure we are captivated. Stories work toward building our tension or anxiety. The more the tension is built, the more captivating the story is. Good commercials are short so as to keep things exciting and maintain the thrill (Rushkoff et al).
Most fashion ads include body parts with the specific clot…

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