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Discuss Money for Nothing

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Student’s nameInstructorCourseOctober 3, 2018
Money for Nothing
“Money for nothing” film opens an argument as to why some musicians become stars, and their music is widely listened to while others are not acknowledged. The pop industry is changing as years go by and most music industry companies consider what they will gain rather than promoting talents and ambitions (Wikstrom & DeFillippi 53). Most people enter into the music industry because of the passion they have for music, but they are discouraged when their music is not played after spending money on recording and video shooting. The film “Money for Nothing” shows how huge media companies control the music industry through restrictions like; how music should be distributed, produced, performed and even promoted (“Library VHS Rips” n.p).
The film also addresses how sensation in the music industry has substituted talent and marketing strategies have replaced aesthetics. Art is described as the expression of human imagination and creativity skills (Conyers 164). The teachings determine the quality of music people gain from listening to a particular type of music. Art can be famous if people are given a chance to show off their talents. The five companies that control every aspect in the music culture are; Vivendi, EMI, BMG, AOL-Time Warner and Sony (Leyshon 81). These five big companies aim at pushing the music that is more profitable to them than good music, and this makes other musicians not to ha…

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