Digestion and Bowel Elimination

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Digestion and Bowel Elimination

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Digestion and Bowel Elimination
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Clinical Scenarios, Digestion, and Bowel Elimination
Part 1
As the nurse, the questions that need to get asked on Beethoven diet and eating patterns include how often he has been dieting on processed foods. According to Suszynski (2011), these foods do not have sufficient fiber and taking too much of them leads to constipation (Suszynski, 2011). Alternatively, the nurse needs to ask if he has been taking natural foods such as fruits that do not make one affected by constipation. Based on the two scenarios, the nurse will be able to identify if it is processed foods that are causing illness or not. The nurse equally needs to ask if he drinks coffee as it leads to bowel movement and can also lead to disease. The nurse needs to ask if the patient takes alcohol that dehydrates the body and leads to constipation (Suszynski, 2011).
Part 2
As the nurse, the symptoms that could get observed on the completion of the diagnosis include having fewer visits to the latrine, lumpy stool, struggling with bowel movements, among others (Mayo Clinic, 2018). The patient may display the symptoms because of having slow moving stool within his digestive system meaning he cannot defecate smoothly. That makes the stool to get hard with the colon getting blocked (Mayo Clinic, 2018).
Part 3
The steps to get taken by Beethoven in our case will include adopting the right diet such as eating unprocessed foods and tak…

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