Diegstive Tract-revised

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Diegstive Tract-revised

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All organisms including invertebrates require nutrients for survival because they facilitate the metabolic activities of the body tissues. These nutrients are retrieved from food ingested that is broken down in the digestive system until the excess is excreted as feces. The digestive tract of invertebrates such as insects differs from those of other species in the same category whereby the functional structure is suited to ensure the organism is fed to facilitate metabolic activities. Such differences are observed in invertebrates such as porifera, cnidarian and the deuterostomes.
The organisms classified as invertebrates have gastrovascular cavities such as the cnidarian while others such as the earthworms have the alimentary canal. The digestive tract is modified to meet the nutritional needs of the organisms. Those with the gastrovascular cavities like those of the cnidarian have only one opening that serves as the mouth and the excretory hole at the same time. The food is digested as soon as it is ingested by enzymes secreted by the boy cells (Laufer, Siddall, and Graf 134). The earthworm, on the other hand, has two openings and the alimentary canal is the primary digestive organ. They have two openings whereby one is the month and the other is for excretion of feces after the digestion process has taken place.
It therefore follows that the size of the organism consumed by the invertebrates will…

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