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Description using prepositions

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Description Using Prepositions
I am standing near a fence and past by a large building. I am dressed in a red jacket and a pair of green trousers. People are walking beside me, and most of them are walking in the direction that I am facing. There are two small children of about seven to ten years old immediately in front of me. One of the children is wearing a light blue shirt and a yellow pair of shorts and is carrying a bag on his hands, and the other one is wearing a yellow shirt and a green, blue pair of shorts and is carrying a bag on his right hand. The building which is beside me is white, has a big clock hanged on the main entrance, and there is a man with a long jacket who is standing at the main gate directing children in there (Berry 1).
On my right-hand side, there is a road and two people; a woman who is dressed in a red skirt and a blue blouse and a boy child, probably the woman’s son who is dressed in a blue shirt and a marron trouser are walking by. There is a red car directly in front of me, and there are three children between me and the car who are crossing the road. And a policeman is standing there showing them the way. Behind me, there are two people walking beside a brown building in the opposite direction and in front of these people there is a child who is approaching them (Berry 1).
Far on my right-hand side, there is a building which seems to be burning, and a very dark smo…

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