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Describe the Diagram

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Describe the diagram that Saussure uses on page 853 to illustrate his concept of the linguistic sign.
On page 853of his Course in General Linguistics, Saussure uses a diagram to illustrate his concept of language consisting of linguistic signs and in particular the signifier (sound-image/word) and the unification of the signified/concept (Saussure, pg 853). The diagram as such sets up the relationship between the linguistic signs. The concept, in this case, is the psychological imprint that the actual sound-image leaves in our senses. A typical example is the Latin word ‘arbor’ which tends to be the word attached to the concept of a tree.
According to Saussure, what is the relationship between the concept (the signified) and the sound image (the signifier)?
Saussure is of the idea that the linguistic sign should be taken as a whole. Farther, he divides this concept into two parts which are the signified which stands for the concept and the signifier which stands for the sound-image. He suggests that the relationship between the signified and the signifier is somewhat arbitrary which would imply that there exists no natural or significant reason as to why the sound-image should remain attached to the concept (Saussure, pg 854). Each person has his/her psychologies and experiences and as such no particular person can experience the same exact thought as another person.
How does Jacques Lacan, on page 1172 of “The Agency of t…

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