Descartes Freud civilization & its discontents Revised

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Descartes Freud civilization & its discontents Revised

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Descartes the method vs Freud civilization & its discontents
Descartes the method and Freud civilization and its discontents are exclusive studies that depict the philosophical understanding of the meaning of nature and what happens in human life. They two pieces of writings provide contrasting aspects on key phenomenon that determine human life, choices, perception, critical thinking, and decision-making. According to Donald and Descartes (2), the two studies give meanings of human actions, what people think, perception about diverse social, cultural and religious principles. In particular, Descartes the method holds that it is highly impossible for individuals to doubt their existence while we doubt at the same time. The study states that individuals imagine that certain phenomenon is false and that our lives are characterized by doubting.
For instance, Descartes presents that it is easy for individuals to doubt the existence of God. It is stated that it is easy for people to suggest that there is no God, heaven including bodies. People hold the views that see them work hard despite being unable to comprehend that they are nothing. On the other hand, Freud does not endorse introspection as a viable method of understanding the meaning of various actions that human beings undertake (Sigmund 4). Freud’s work is based on the principle that one must know others actions in solving various issues. Freud assumed the principle of suff…

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