Dental Fluorosis

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Dental Fluorosis

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Dental Fluorosis
Fluorosis is a dental cosmetic condition that affects the teeth. It is the permanent staining of the teeth which is a reaction to the intake of high levels of fluoride. This condition is caused by prolonged exposure to fluoride in the early childhood stages. It mostly occurs in people between 1 and 8 years of age since it is in this age bracket, that formation of permanent teeth takes place. When teeth are excessively exposed to this mineral, the normal process of tooth mineral formation is disrupted which causes a reduction in the level of mineral content, also known as hypomineralization. The risk of this condition is lower when the teeth have fully erupted.
In most cases, after teeth are shed, some of those that were previously affected by fluorosis appears to be slightly discolored. They are characterized by the presence of a lacy-white color and in other cases teeth may have yellow stains or pits. Fluorosis has been in existence since the 20th century, or before. Researchers in this field were drawn to it by the stained teeth o the inhabitants of Colorado Springs which was caused by exposure to fluoride. What is more is that people with this condition were resistant to dental cavities which is the reason why fluoride treatment was introduced into water treatment. This condition is present in every four American citizen aged 6-49 but prevalent in teenagers between 12-15 years. Despite t…

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