Demonstration Speech Self-Critique

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Demonstration Speech Self-Critique

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Demonstration Speech Self-Critique
My name is (Client’s Name). I was satisfied with the speech I gave because I had an excellent experience to learn about the dos and don’ts that I should employ when delivering my next speech. Moreover, the organization of my speech gives me a reason to smile. However, the reaction from the audience was the setback for my speech but enlightened me on what I need to improve on such as the eye contact.
During my speech, I was confident but got nervous. It is because I knew I had no chance to record a second speech to correct the mistakes had done. Moreover, despite the adequate preparation I had done, the lack of experience in delivering speeches made me nervous. However, with my next speech, I have learned from my mistakes, and I know I will be confident hence not get nervous.
My body movement and posture were good during the speech delivery. However, I have to improve on my eye contact as it was average depriving me the attention of my audience hence making them use their phones thus distracting me. Moreover, I should improve on my tone and vocals to win the attention of the audience. Additionally, the length of the speech affected the concentration of my audience hence the need for improvement.
The content of the speech was good as it addressed the problem of blood pressure and how to measure it, but the audience found not to concern them. Additionally, the speech organization was excelle…

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