Democratic Theory

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Democratic Theory

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Democratic Theory
As part of the broader field of political theory, democratic theory broadly examines the concept of democracy by giving this concept the meaning. The theory as well tends to define the moral foundations, challenges, obligations and the desirability of the democratic governance. Democratic approach raises the debate on the contemporary governance which has contributed significantly to the modern way of management. The theory insists on the participative, deliberative and representative forms of governance which today dominate the current governance (Chambers, 2003). The democratic theory as well in a way tries to define the nature of democracy through the digital era. This then gives the direction as to what the leaders need to do in the modern digital era democracy.
Through the definition of the democracy, democratic theory tends to give current thinking when the contemporary governance is faced with wicked and complex policy problems. It as well finds a solution whenever there is a public disillusionment with the already established governance (Chambers, 2003). Thus, in a way, the democratic theory helps in building the governance which has the capability of addressing such policy problems that arise. For example, the policy on the human rights that tends to limit the expression of people through the use of social media. The theory engages the consultant and academic discussions on the design, legitimacy and innovations evaluations o…

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