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Dell Business Plan

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Business Plan
Dell is one of the world’s largest distributors of computer technology that is known for quality and consistency in its operations. One key aspect that enables Dell to compete at the global stage is its customers. Dell has a variety of customers who can be differentiated in terms of preferences and wants. Various information will be essential for effective designing of a customer profile.Three factors are vital in designing a customer profile. The first factor is identifying each of the customer’s demographic information. Demographic information such as age, level of income, location, the race will assist in designing the right product (Rogers, 2017). For a normal consumer, their age, and level of income will be key demographic features. For a global supplier, demographic information will involve location and income. For a global business, demographic information will heavily include income and location. The second factor includes behavioural and transactional information. This information will identify the frequency at which products can be bought by each of the consumers. The third factor is attitudinal and motivational consumer information. Motivational information relates to the consumer’s attitude and drive to a certain product.
For the global consumer, touch points will occur in each of the stages in the customer’s decision-making process. In terms of awareness, different avenues are used in making customers awar…

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