define what is epistemology

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define what is epistemology

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Epistemology is a term that most philosophers such as James Frederick have continuously used to establish the meaning of knowledge and understanding of nature including the scope of knowledge. The term is borrowed from the Greek word episteme that means knowledge and understanding of the nature of life. Notably, epistemology is defined categorically as the study of knowledge including justified belief with strong concern to understanding of nature and the scope of knowledge. Some philosophers and authors refer to the term as “theory of knowledge”. The term helps in questioning what knowledge is, how knowledge can be acquired and the extent to which knowledge is acquired. The information helps in understanding key details about knowledge pertaining to its acquisition process, significance and influence in decision-making.
Evidently, epistemology enables individuals who include article authors to communicate various issues in a well-structured or understood manner. It gives them the distinctive power on people who know certain things from those who have deficient knowledge on diverse issues of concern. For instance, it enables authors and other individuals to know what it means to affirm that someone knows or lacks the knowledge of some phenomenon. The notable authors who are credited for having used the concept appropriately include Shakespeare. Epistemology helped Shakespeare who is a renowned author; scholar and educ…

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