Define social stratification and give two examples

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Define social stratification and give two examples

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Define social stratification and give two examples.
Social stratification refers to a process by which a community establishes social statuses or categorizes individuals in a hierarchy. In most societies, particular groups have greater wealth, power, and greater status than others do. Such differences in the community lead to social stratification (Ballantine, 2015). For instance, the social status or categories of individuals are the social stratification. Additionally, in caste structure, all factors of social status endorsed especially the social position of an individual at birth is the status he/she holds for a lifespan (Birkelund, (Ed.) 2013).
Compare and contrast colonialism and world systems theories. Who were some of the key figures?
Immanuel Wallerstein discusses the theories of world systems and colonialism. Both theories are similar in that they contribute to economic inequalities in different countries. Additionally, they also lead to the exploitation of natural resources such as minerals, and land (Ballantine, 2015). Furthermore, both facilitate the loss of political control. However, they differ because colonialism involves occupation of the country by settlers while world systems encompass economic domination of the overseas country without occupation. Similarly, in the world system theory, poorer countries are less likely to rebel the actions of the affluent nations to dominate them economically as opposed to colonialism theory where nations are against explo…

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