day of the dead

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day of the dead

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Day of the Dead
The day of death is a holiday that is celebrated in Mexico, and it is accredited by other cultures in the world. Therefore, this paper shall discuss how the specific events of the holiday can affect the social bonds within Hispanic family and causes of cultural fragmentation. It shall discuss the practical problems that can take place from engaging in the holiday and the ways that can be made to cope with death. The paper shall also discuss many issues pertaining the day of death as stipulated by Hispanic immigrants.
Question one
The specific events in the day of death can strengthen the variety of social bonds within the Hispanic family and community across generations in many ways. The decoration of the gravesites with flowers and offerings do welcome the spirits of the departed members of the community to the society (Gleason). Therefore, this helps in staying peacefully in the society and having a good relationship with the spirits. Hence, this avoids the emergence of evil spirits in the community that do contain a lot of effects that are not friendly to the human life. The dancing that is held by players with Catrina so as to get transformed into a skeleton acts as the major achievement of the day of death (Gleason). It acts as good restoration of the cultural values and practices of Hispanic family and the community from the current generation of future generations that shall come. The event…

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