Data Breach

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Data Breach

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Data Breach
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The legislation for the data breaches would not be adequate if conducted by an individual since, in some situations, the person causing the breach might not be known. The best way to deal with the breaching of data is through the increase of the system security (Thomson, 2014). The security can be increased by using a stronger firewall or even encrypting the data that is stored in a system.
It would be inappropriate to seek legal action towards data breach or even holding the system provider accountable for the loss that you have gone through. This is because, there exists system security everywhere, but the criminals try by all means to bypass the security measures that are put to protect the system (Thomson, 2014). For example, if a criminal intends to steal some financial or health information from your system, they will look into ways they can bypass the security measures put by the system provider. And in most cases, the provider is not aware of these malicious actions going around. Hence, it would be ineffective to hold them accountable for the losses.
The European Union put their citizens’ privacy first, and they ensure that the data of every business is secured while in the US is only concerned with the privacy information of children and not the businesses nor those past childhoods. In digital marketing, US only protect the classes such as name and id while in EU they protect the personal data (“Differences Between the …

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