Daily Fantasy Sports. Legal or Illegal? Should it be banned?

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Daily Fantasy Sports. Legal or Illegal? Should it be banned?

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Daily fantasy sports are a kind of leisure games played for fun. They are similar to traditional daily sports that were carried out over a short time; that is weekly or daily which is different from sports played seasonally. Daily fantasy sports are set in a similar way to a contest. Competitors pay to participate and win a pre-determined kit depending on their entire results. Another portion of the entry fee goes to the organizers. Daily sports should not be banned in the real world as they play various important roles in lives of people and have been present throughout.
Annotated Bibliography
Andrew, C. Billings & BrodyJ. Ruihley. (2013). The fantasy sport industry: Games within games. U.S.A: Routledge.
In this book, the two authors provide a detailed analysis of the history of daily fantasy sports and the close relationship with sports media innovation. Computing a well-analyzed research, it offers an overview of the demographics present in fantasy sports, the motivation of the players and their impact on consumers of fans and sports media. It further compares players of daily fantasy football from different countries and continents. This book further analyzes the main media and commercial stakeholders in fantasy football.
Andrew and Brody provide fascinating reasons to students, professionals and scholars on why they should be against the banning of daily fantasy sports. This is b…

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