Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management
Among the key aspects to the success of any business is how to maintain effective relations with its customers. One of the ways that organizations maintain effective relations is by adopting a customer relationship management strategy that will ensure that it has long-lasting relations with its customers. The measure of any customer relationship management strategy is the level of satisfaction that the organization’s customers will receive as well as the organization’s profitability (Hassan, Nawaz, Lashari and Zafar 567). For the case of Ajanta, customer relationship management will be useful in solving its dilemma with S.F. Foods and the rest of its clients.
Ajanta’s relationship with S.F Foods is one which has led to a long-term relationship between the two companies. With the volumes of orders that Ajanta handles for S.F. Foods, it is true to say that S.F. Foods is Ajanta’s most key client (Burgos 5). However, the latest order is one which will put Ajanta is jeopardy. In dealing with the issue, Ajanta should consider negotiating favorable payment terms with S.F. Foods that will ensure a reduced payment period as well as increase profit margins. In the case of Ajanta, the best Customer Relationship Management software to use will ZOHO CRM. Despite the fact that it is suitable for manufacturing companies such as Ajanta, it is designed to handle similar situations with ease ensuring customer retentio…

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