curriculum web on valentines day for 1st graders

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curriculum web on valentines day for 1st graders

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Curriculum web on Valentine’s Day
Curriculum web designing presents educators and teachers with an opportunity to involve children in the learning process in a way that is centered on their interests or activities. On Valentine’s Day all around the world, people celebrate love. It would, therefore, be great to design a curriculum web around the subject of love and friendships between boys and girls in general. The age level for first graders is usually below ten years of age. Even though they are not yet in love relationships, these children shall find themselves in some when they reach puberty. This age is perfect for laying down the foundation and helps them be prepared for teenage and adult life.
The main reason for choosing this topic is to equip them with prior knowledge about their sexuality. There is need to create awareness in minors concerning what to expect when they grow up and start celebrating love on Valentine’s Day. The second reason for choosing the topic is to incorporate the young ones in the celebrations of love. They might not understand what it’s about yet, but it’s important for grown-ups to educate them, so they don’t feel excluded.
To enrich the curriculum web, it would be important to blend in different literacy genres. Poetry would be crucial in developing the theme of love. A poem about love read by the students will be used shortly after a short Cinderella story…

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