Current Events Critical Thinking Paper with Sociological Analysis

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Current Events Critical Thinking Paper with Sociological Analysis

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Current Events with Sociological Analysis

Immigrants come to resemble native-born Americans over time, but integration not always a link. National Academy of Sciences. September 21, 2015
Sociological concepts in conjunction with the theories, basically intends to outline the development of society, cultures and relation aspects. However, the theoretical explanation develops an insight in the context of what is happening in the society. This paper critically discusses and analyzes the above article which features the integration of immigrants in the US society. In addition, the paper develops an insight of how the immigrants adopt life in US and the gradual improvement in their life as a result. Moreover, this positive impact outlined in the article will further be critically analyzed based on the ground of sociological concepts and theories.
The article is based on a research report conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, hence it outlines how the lives of the immigrants and their descendants who settled in the United States have gradually improved compared to the lives of the native-born Americans. On the other hand, the article further depicts that, the aspects of improvement in the lives of the immigrants are based in area such as education attainment, income, language ability and occupational distribution. On a further context, the research conducted reports a comparison between the life of …

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