current challenges in American k-12 education

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current challenges in American k-12 education

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Current Challenges in American K-12 Education
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Current Challenges in American K-12 Education
Education of high-quality is no more just a path to opportunities; rather it is the condition that is ‘must’ for being successful in today’s world. Like every nation America wants that their students must get proper education so as to graduate from high school, ready to go for higher studies in college and pursue the best career as they know that development of economy and achievement in the field of education are inextricably connected. Hence, several interventions were brought by federal and state in k-12 education since 1950s and 1960s. However, these interventions came along with few challenges (Wayne et al., 2004). Here in this paper we would discuss such three current challenges in American K-12 education, how each issue is addressed, impact of technology, etc.:
a. Capacity challenges in RTT or Race to the Top: This program was launched by the Department of Education to encourage states for bringing reformation in their system of K-12 education; however several capacity challenges were faced by the states and districts while implementing these reforms. For instance, round one-quarter to one-third of RTT states reported that to obtain support from stakeholders such as teacher organizations were their greatest challenges. On the other hand, financial and human capital capacity, particularly competitive compensation and standards …

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