Culturing Microbes Lab Report

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Culturing Microbes Lab Report

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Microbes culturing is purposely done to gain a better knowledge and understanding of various bacteria. The process is specifically done by gram staining, a method which distinguishes and differentiates bacteria into two major classifications namely gram positive and gram negative. Transferred to the petri dish and were allowed to culture for one week so that colonies could form and grow. Eventually, the difference in morphological features of the colonies was viewed. Determination of whether they were gram-positive or negative was essential (Parija, 12).Methyl Red and Phenol Red tests
Phenol red experiment is a broadly useful differential test medium normally used to separate gram negative enteric microscopic organisms. It contains peptone, phenol red (a pH pointer), a Durham tube, and one starch. In the test, we utilize three various types of phenol reds. One contains glucose; one contains lactose, and the last contains sucrose. The goal of the activity is to figure out which living beings can use each sugar.
The phenol Red test includes including the pH marker methyl red to a container which is inoculated of MR-VP stock. In the event that the living being utilizes the blended corrosive maturation pathway and produces stable acidic final results, the acids will defeat the supports in the medium and deliver an acidic domain in the medium. At the point when methyl red is included, if acidic final resu…

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