Culture and Education

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Culture and Education

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Role of Education in Teaching Cultural Heritage & Values
Education and culture are intertwined and cannot be separated. It is, therefore, the role of American education to teach students about their cultural heritage. Cultural heritage entails how structures, sites, landscapes, and buildings have significance historically. It also has concepts of how shared values, ideas, and experiences help in defining a community (Spindler and George, 7). It thus entirely shows the importance of preservation of this values and historical information in a society. This paper will answer on the role of education in teaching cultural heritage and values.
Education and Culture are interdependent. The cultural patterns usually guide education patterns in society. It is due to this reason that schools ought to teach on cultural heritage to the students. Teaching students about their cultures enable them to grow up and function in accordance to what the society expects them to. Through culture, they acquire values following their functionality in whatever kind of cultural background they come from.
Cultural heritage on religion is a factor that causes disagreement in the education sector. A community religion is part of its culture. Every religion has its own beliefs and practices thus there has been conflicting in America about religious teachings (Spindler and George, 5). Schools contain students from many religious groups, and it is thus felt …

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