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November 18, 2015
Historically, the first crusade commenced in 1095. This happened when Christian armies from Western Europe heed to the plea from the pope to battle Islamic forces based in the Holy Land. Essentially, there have been many debates concerning whether crusades were justifiable in bringing a certain order into the world. At first, the objective of the crusade that begun in 1095 achieved its objective following the Jerusalem capture. Christian invaders set up many Latin Christian States; while Muslim in the region swore to wage war against these Christian invaders. The proponents of these crusades emphasized that the princes saw the great need pertaining to the great services and expenses form their attendants which led to careful and slow preparations to wage war hence a justification viable justification for war. Therefore, many historical justifications and arguments have emerged from these crusades; however, this paper will elaborate the significance of these crusades as well as the harmful consequences.
One of the main historical justifications is based on the fact that the crusades were founded upon religious and spiritual inclinations. The papacy being a powerful force during the middle ages controlled many of the events that led to the rise of the crusades. Bishops and prelates from the papal hierarchies had their place in the preparation of crusades. Foremost among the bishops that were very instrumental in the …

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