Сross cultural interview

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Сross cultural interview

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Cross-Cultural Interview
1) Where is the interviewee from and what is her cultural background?
The subject is a Palestinian-American woman. She was born in Louisiana, in a Palestinian Arabic family. The subject presents an interesting view since she lives a cross-cultural life. The woman seems to live and thrive in both worlds. On one hand, the she was born in the country makes her as American as anyone else, but her cultural background marks a series of significant differences that make her an interesting subject. Like me, she is part of both cultures and tries to take part of her home culture’s traits and traditions actively as a way of upholding and remembering her background.
2) What has the person found most surprising and different about this culture?
The subject reported she finds American culture more “easy-going” than her home culture. She considers that Palestinians are stricter than Americans, and they have a series of more stringent rules they enforce, opposed to the American idea of free-will and “going with the flow” of things. For instance, a capital difference reported by the interviewee is dorming. For most Palestinian families, dorming can be a sensitive issue given the fact that young women are left to their own devices for the first time in their lives. According to the subject, most Arabic families would rather have their children living with them while in college, to avoid any kind of unpleasant experience and for safety reasons. This also speak…

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