Cross-Cultural Communication

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Cross-Cultural Communication

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Cross-Cultural Communication
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Cross-Cultural Communication
Cross-cultural communication is an aspect that explains how people from different cultures, religion, languages communicate among themselves. It has evolved as an essential strategy for businesses and countries that participate in modern technology and the global industry (Thomas, 2017). Dimension can be defined as the feature or aspect of a situation. In my case, I would look at the size of the element or a position in a workplace. People’s practices describe their central tendency in society. Dimension helps one to know and understand people’s cultures and beliefs from different countries. As we compare the United States dimension with others, for example, Kenya we come to realize that there is a power distance among people. The degree of power each exerts or can exert on another shows the aspect of inequality among them. Unites States practices individualistic culture which influences the ability to view the individual’s perspectives.
People in the US are profoundly challenged in their ability to understand other people point of view due to individualism. In my country, Kenya individualism does not prevail as each is considered. Masculinity is another dimension. In the US the workforce between men and women is taken differently from my country. Language difference is one of the experiences I had once involved in cross-cultural communication. Good understanding…

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