Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives

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Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives

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Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives
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Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives
Real life experiences of people do not usually fit into the very boundaries created by academic disciplines. Similarly, the economic, political, social and psychological domains are intertwined with one another and are quite mutually dependent. The social class system of the United States is also a part of very same stratum that covers the domains of sexuality, gender and color. The very same system limits and most of the times, restricts the people; however, allowing others.
Color has proved to be a demarcating factor in the course of history of the United States. The development of social injustice among the African American community is one of the most eloquent outlooks. However, it can be considered from women as well as color perspectives too. The core reason behind it is that during the 1970s and 1980s, the black women have gone through different perspectives of American class and gender segregation. Patricia Hill Collins (1990) has pointed out the very interlocking dependence of oppression that has created today’s theme of Black feminists.
Also, from the very beginning of the American history, the classes and its segregation has become quite common. Also, the very formation of a capitalistic society along with a wide gap between the labors and other elite working class has enhanced during the last few decades. Amo…

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