Critical healthcare issues

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Critical healthcare issues

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Critical healthcare issues and their effects on clinicians and healthcare system
Healthcare system is a sensitive entity since it is basically among the core drivers of a nation. Good health promotes productivity, and a positive result is anticipated. Clinicians are the drivers of the system, and their contribution makes them a critical component (Fottler, Ford, Roberts, Ford, & Spears, 2000). Special focus on the healthcare system that purpose to deliver quality and affordable health care have to consider the welfare of clinicians to ensure they are well motivated and equipped in the quest. The following are critical issues that would have an impact on the clinicians and the healthcare organizations.
Quality distinction
Healthcare organizations market themselves by the quality of service they avail to the clients. The quality as a critical issue depend on the performance of clinicians. The organization is recognized by the clinicians input, in America healthcare system is commendable for most people show satisfaction with the kind of healthcare they receive. The private sector is at times assumed to provide better services than the public sector ( Fottler et al., 2000). The distinction could be linked to the fact that the private sector is up for profit and so have to provide quality service to capture more clients. Clinicians are at the core of the organizations systems, and this reflect their effort and expertise. The quality c…

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