crime scene investigative report

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crime scene investigative report

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Crime Scene Section Investigative Report
123456-18 CSI:
Pazarena, L. #123 DATE (of the incident):
5th October 2018 DATE (of processing):
6th October 2018 APPROX. TIME (of processing):
13 hours
(V): White Teenager
(D): White Teenager
(S): White Male INCIDENT:
Death Investigation
LOCATION OF INCIDENT: Broward Community College
Case Overview:
On 5th of October 2018 at 2100 hours, when officer Jake and officer Paul were on their evening patrols, they received a call from the corporal Jaiden requesting them to head to Broward Community College to investigate a shooting incident.
The following services were provided:
It was on a chilly evening; the sky was blue with no signs of clouds. The temperatures were nearly 15 degrees Celsius, and a cool breeze of air was blowing.
A blue sedan, registration number: C76T HY6, was found at the scene of the crime. The pane adjacent to the driver’s seat had been shattered, and the door was half-way open. There were blood stains on the steering wheel. The rear tires were sharply bent, but the key was still on the ignition, and the car engine was still rumbling. The trunk was wide open, and everything in it was untidy.
Officer Paul sketched a diagram of the position the deceased was lying to evaluate the possible escape route of the suspect. The diagram showed spots …

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