Crime in third ward

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Crime in third ward

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Crime in the US
Crime levels in Houston region have been increasing over the years (Settles 200). Residents never feel safe albeit the increasing number of security personnel deployed in the region. Almost without exception, residents from the third wad consider themselves victims. In the long run, the residents are right, and new measures need to be put in place by the authorities to reduce the high levels of crime. What worries most residents from the third ward is not the trend of crime, but the future of their children. Residents need to understand the reasons behind the sharp increase in crime in the region for to make recommendations to the authorities for action. Why are crime rates increasing over the years? What are the impacts of such crime-related activities to the people and the development of the region? It is certain that, understanding the young generation and national laws prevailing in Houston are vital to tackling the menace of crime in Houston.
There is increasing anxiety in Houston and America at large on the issues of drug use among the youth, permissiveness, deteriorating academic standards among the youth, hedonism and the emergency of the ghetto underclass (FBI). All those under these facets are youths who are often vulnerable when it comes to crime related issues. The new laws that allow individuals to own guns and other weapons have also increased crime rates as users have minimal education on their safety and use…

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