covering letter for Law – Legal Industrial Placement

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covering letter for Law – Legal Industrial Placement

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Human Resource Manager
37 Stoney StreetNottinghamNG1 1LS
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am an international Law student in my last year at Nottingham Trent University; having obtained a Low 1st.I am writing to express interest in your offer to be part of your paralegal team. I hope to create and progress in my career while providing the best of my abilities in your esteemed firm.
I have created and built up necessary experience in law while working in eastern Libya, at one of the largest detention camps in the country. It was at this place that I conducted my research on human rights and the constitutional rights of the people in the detention centers. I have also worked with refugees at the Tawerga National Association, in preparation for the people that were re-entering the society. With such diverse and involving opportunities, I have garnered valuable experience and opportunities to interact and work with different people.
Your institution presents an air of diversity based on the types of caseloads as well as the strong client interaction the company offers. Having previously worked under the supervision of qualified and experienced legal experts, I can work under guidance in real legal situations. This will help me build on my experience while creating a stable and integrated network in the legal profession, a factor that will be invaluable for my future. I am also a regular volunteer at my University, where I serve to address …

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