Cover letter 2nd Revision

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Cover letter 2nd Revision

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Dear Ms. Rimle,
This is my application for the Junior Project Manager/Analyst position available at Allergan. I would like to be part of this international market leader in generics, research and development that has continued to enhance people’s lives globally.
Attached are my curriculum vitae and a list of projects I have worked on. These explain in details my skills, past experience, educational and professional qualifications, and contribution to the field of project management.
In my previous position as a project manager, in coordination with my team, I ensured timely completion of the set project according to the budget. I intend to accomplish the same as a junior project manager/analyst in collaboration with senior project managers and other team members. This shall be made possible through sheer dedication and teamwork. I will ensure there is constant communication with all parties involved while being on the lookout for technological shifts that will improve project efficiency and results.
With a career built through different roles, I have acquired excellent organization skills and have a determination for seeing things through to the end. Working as a sales operations manager contributed greatly to my interpersonal skills. My ability to run separate projects in parallel and experience in working in an international environment will also contribute to my performance in this position.
With my diverse skills, passion for using technology to improve resul…

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