Counseling for Mentla Health & Wellness

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Counseling for Mentla Health & Wellness

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Counselling for Mental Health
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In a broader perspective, mental illness is a mental pattern which causes distress on the functioning aspects of individuals. Data available indicates that roughly one out of five children across America is mentally ill. On the other hand, 4% of the adults in America suffer from the same problem. Therefore, there is a very serious need to have this problem eradicated or controlled, as it has lifetime problems when not diagnosed and monitored early. The common mental illness includes bipolar disorder, dysthymic disorder, and depression, and they significantly vary depending on the victim’s characteristics, life experiences, and the current environment. On the other hand, four theories, the psychodynamic theory, humanistic theory, Cognitive theory and the behaviorism theory attempt to explain various aspects concerning mental illness and give specific approaches for diagnosis and treatment. This paper explains the application of the psychodynamic theory, based on the provided case study. Below are the explanations.
Keywords: Mental illness, Psychodynamic theory, Depression, Counselling.
Aspects of Mental Illness as Per the Case Study
Mental illness is a problem that usually affects victims of almost all ages. From the case study provided, it is evident that Jessica, the victim is suffering from mental illness, and to prevent the escalation of this condition, needs some counseling and an urgent medical a…

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