Correctness in writting

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Correctness in writting

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Correctness in Writing
How do errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation affect the relationship between the writer and the reader of an essay?
Correct sentences is a necessity in writing because errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling are more likely to affect the understanding that the writer will instill into their reader. Grammar errors can cause great misunderstanding since the writer may be intending to state one thing, but the reader will understand something else. Furthermore, the errors in spelling can cause the reader to think of a unique and different word as the meaning of the writing, but the writer does not intend to pass such mistaken and wrong message. Punctuation errors also can pass the wrong message where misplaces colons, semicolons, apostrophe among others may lead to misunderstanding for the reader in what the writer is writing or is intending to communicate. Therefore, it is evident that it is imperative for all writers to have keen notes and employ correct sentences in writing to eliminate misunderstanding that may surround the writer.
What are your strengths and weakness as a writer?
Proper writing that is free from grammar and punctuation errors requires planning, revisions, and proofreading. The quality of my writing has been evolving and improving significantly. The continuous practice has facilitated elimination of my previous difficulties and enabled inspiration of confidence in my writing skills. I am a…

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