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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
The article demonstrates a case against corporate social responsibility where an explanation is provided to show why the CSR is growing promptly. Corporate Social Responsibility can bring success to the companies which work to match the interest of the public and the one for their business. Different managers view an application of CSR as an opportunity to seek profit by building on their important competencies for future success (Tim, 2010). The article has also shown that sometimes CSR can be risky especially where the government regulation applies. In such a case, the article has proposed that a company is obliged to obstruct the government roles and work on a more extended view by creating stable environmental conditions in business. Finally, the article has described CSR to be an essential constituent of the brand value since it determines the brand reputation which dictates the success of a business.
Yes. Dr. Karnani has suggested that in a typical business environment, the public interest must be in line with the business interest (Tim, 2010). Businesses which will want to keep with the competition must value the society so that they can attain the reputation on their brands. Gaining brand value by considering the affairs of the society enhances customer loyalty which in turn increases business success.
CSR is important, but it requires a business to sacrifice some pa…

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