Corporate Espionage

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Corporate Espionage

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Corporate Espionage: A Case of Opel against Volkswagen
Corporate espionage is a striking scheme that affects organizations, individuals, government, and even countries. Those participating in this scheme use all means to gain a profit advantage over their competitors. Accordingly, those that practice corporate espionage also known as industrial espionage are aware that it is a form of illegal practice of spying competitors to gain a business advantage (Kiyuna and Conyers 176). Besides, the practice is also a covert of stealing and unauthorized revealing of a company’s private data and information to other companies or individuals. Despite the negative publicity, industrial espionage has increased due to improving technology. A typical case is that of Opel and Volkswagen (VW), whereby Mr. Lopez was charged with stealing Opel’s valuable trade secrets, computer files, and reams of documents when he was hired with Volkswagen beginning 1992.
Adam Opel and General Motors filed a suit against VW accusing Mr. Jose Ignacio Lopez de Arriortua, former general motors’ executive of industrial espionage (Kiyuna & Conyers, 175). VW, however, denied the charges citing that the claim had no basis and Opel was just playing a game of competition warfare.
In the contemporary business climate, conducting business emphasizing the ethical principles is crucial. Head of corporations and government institutions face dynamic challenges as they try to nav…

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