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Persuasive Memo revised

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Reward and Recognition Program Needed
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The company work environment plays a critical role in the motivation and morale of employees. In the modern competitive marketplace, companies are turning to strategies related to mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring to thrive. Irrespective of their inevitability in promoting the sustainability of businesses, these strategies raise substantial concerns associated with the morale, motivation, retention, and productivity of employees. Building a resilient, agile, and flexible workforce after the establishment of a merger is essential to the formation of a company that can respond to the changing demand of the complex business environment. Mergers usually involve the reorganization and integration of diverse cultures and leadership styles. These changes elicit not only tension but also security and suspicion among employees. Implementation of a reward program that recognizes the additional efforts of employees will address the issue of low morale, increase motivation, and productivity. When companies use inexpensive forms of recognition such as personal congratulatory notes and traveling trophies, they motivate their staff into increasing their productivity.
Keywords: Company, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, employees, morale, reward and recognition program  

To: Beryline May, President
From: Nelson David
Date: July 25, 2018
Subject: Reward a…

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