contraceptives revised

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contraceptives revised

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Contraceptives are a form of controlling birth in women and men. Most contraceptives however made for the women and they come in many forms, hormonal and non-hormonal methods. Hormonal methods of birth control are the most commonly used among the women because they are efficient and easy to use and they come in many forms where people can choose from based on what best suits their body types and health. They include injections, implants, plastic rings placed in the vagina, and skin patches and they all have no estrogen. All have both side effects, which are positive and negative. They work by preventing ovulation in a woman’s body and hence no fertilization could take place as they make the environment for fertilization unconducive (Hassan, 7). They make implantation for the embryo in the uterus hard and difficult even if the woman ovulated as it thins out the lining in the uterus. This essay will focus on implants and injections.
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Many companies manufacture the injections and implants for the use of contraceptives. The date of manufacture of every method of contraception indicated on the package. They used within a period of three years from date of manufacture. It is important to read the instructions to avoid detrimental results on the health of a patient. Implants and injections as methods of birth control come in many forms.
For the injections, the most common and known worldwide is depo…

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