Career Development Plan Workplace

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Career Development Plan Workplace

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Career Development
Leveraging Assessment Results
To leverage my assessment results to obtain and maintain employment after graduation, I will do the following. First of all, having known my areas of strengths, I will make sure they remain my strong points. Likewise, in my weakness areas, I intend to improve and be able to turn things around and make them my selling points also. Therefore, to ensure that I do so, I intend to continuously practice and conduct in-depth research on how I can improve my skills.
Importance of the Workplace Documents Assessment Skills
The skills assessed by the Workplace Documents assessment are essential to career readiness. The assessment test seeks to measure the skills that individuals use in reading real workplace documents (ACT 1). The skills also determine one’s ability to use the read information in making employment-related decision to solve problems. Therefore, the skills are essential in the determination of one’s career readiness in that they seek to categorize individuals into specific groups depending on their ability to read a comprehend workplace documents.
A level three individual requires more training and experience to be able to correctly carry out his or her duties while a level seven individual is an experienced person who understands his or her workplace and professional requirements. Notably, my professional field requires a wide range of skills including understanding of medical ethics, und…

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