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Contempt Film

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Contempt Film by Jean-Luc Godard
1. What is unusual or specific about the film’s style?
Godard (Contempt) uses the nature and relation to man as well as societal values on marriage, throughout the film. Nature is represented by the calm Mediterranean and Ms. Bardot represents the theme of marriage in relation to her beauty. The uniqueness of the film also lies on the fact that the camera is strategically kept a distance to create a picture to psychology indifference; there are no close-ups.2. What is Paul’s explanation for the fact it took him half an hour to rejoin his wife at the producer’s house? What does this foreshadow?
After taking up the job, Paul allows his wife, Camille, to ride with the producer and they had to wait for him for half an hour. Camille views his excuse of work and allowing her to stay with the producer as not caring for her and their marriage. Godard (Contempt) explains how she expresses disappointment in his actions and what follows is a deterioration of their marriage.
3. What is one of the reasons Paul gives for his frustration after he slaps Camille? What are the consequences of his action? Paul’s dissatisfaction fuels his frustrations and knocks his hand against a bronze female torso, after which he slaps his wife, Camille (Contempt). This action signifies deeper marital problems in their union. However, slapping his wife only worsened the situation as she detests him and holds him i…

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